Citizen Seeds

Three of the Citizen Seeds are installed now along the Park to Playa Trail. Three more will be installed mid-summer and I'll add thanks and more info at that time. For now, I want to say I loved meeting so many hikers, families, and cool people of all ages while detailing the the interior insets.
Black Walnut, Bladderpod, and CA Oak acorn. Materials are metal work in terrazzo, cast concrete, and bronze. The Bladderpod contains cast medallions created by community members. Sizes range from 6 to 8 feet.
Thank you, Los Angeles County Arts and Cuture!
On my blog entry of May 30, 2021, you can see the first three Citizen Seeds completed and installed.
Site 2_Black Walnut_DSC03775_email
detail process photo on acorn_IMG_4528
Site 4_CA_Oak_DSC03836_email_rev2
Site 3_Bladderpod_DSC03385_email
Site 3_Bladderpod_DSC03420_email