TONIGHT on KPFK’s Feminist Magazine

TONIGHT at 7pm on KPFK's Feminist Magazine!
This week on Feminist Magazine, with host Lynn Harris Ballen:
FIRST … “Talking with Meliza Bañales is like riding some amazing, brightly colored rollercoaster through the church of creativity” says the SF Storymakers Show. And it’s true! Lynn talks to Author, Advocate and Adventurer Meliza Bañales aka Missy Fuego about the joy of her work appearing on a #nationalpoetrymonth billboard, finding community and creativity out of failure, and her latest books.
AND THEN … FemMag contributor Sehba Sarwar brings us a conversation with artist Kim Abeles – all about the value & challenges they’ve both faced, creating public art that engages with the landscape and the community.