Final week for “Kim Abeles: Smog Collectors, 1987-2020” at CSU Sacramento

Last days to see the Smog Collector survey with the expanded show at CSU Sacramento. "Kim Abeles: Smog Collectors, 1987-2020" closes on May 20 after an active semester with students and visitors.

Kim Abeles makes art about pollution from pollution. Presenting the first in-depth survey of Abeles' Smog Collectors series, the exhibition features over thirty years of her artistic investigations related to the environmental impact caused by airborne particulates.

Many thanks to Gallery Director Kelly Lindner for her thoughtful curation, and to Professor Eliza Gregory for the opportunity to create the Smog Collectors workshop with students. I am forever grateful to Jennifer Frias, Gallery Director at CSU Fullerton, whose insight to organize a large selection of the work led to the show and comprehensive book in 2022. I'm also appreciative of the public and private collections who loaned artworks, and to the many supporters who attended the talks and exhibits.

More images of the show; Installation photos by Bruce Clarke
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