Walk a mile in my shoes was commissioned by the City of Los Angeles, Dept of Cultural Affairs and Dept of Public Works to repurpose two traffic islands. The MLK Blvd/Rodeo site features the photographic ceramic tiles with shoes of civil rights marchers and colleagues of Dr. King from the collection of Xernona Clayton. The Jefferson/Rodeo site presents image tiles of shoes belonging to 35 local activists in Los Angeles.

Paper Person at the California Science Center is a permanent installation in the Ecosystems Gallery. The sculpture is 48' x 45' and made from all the paper trash generated by visitors on Earth Day 2009. It’s size is based on the amount of trash.

Detail view of Cabinet of Wondering. Video monitors and animal
specimens in cases embedded flush to the photographic paper

Cabinet of Wondering (2014) 10’ x 8’ x 2’
On view at the Harn Museum of Art, Gainesville



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